Time has definitley ticked...but the wait is almost over...our supercalifragilisticexpialidocious new album 'Monkey See, Monkey Do' is now in production and will be released at the end of January 2022, together with new T-Shirts and followed in the Spring with a European Tour

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The story so far...

Jamie Clarke & Pierre Lavendel have been Perfect for a history book amount of years now, surving countless line-up changes whilst staying true to their cause as the original 'Folk-a-Billy' super heroes. The band has released countless albums and played a staggering amount of live shows around the world, knocking up just under 3000 concerts in the last 22 years. And they're not stopping yet, this 'Folk-a-Billy' train just keeps chugging along at full steam.

In 2017 the band celebrated 20 years on tour and 2021 will see the release of their 7th studio album with a european tour starting in March followed by summer festivals, will keep the guys busy way into next year.

Jamie (ex-Pogues) and Pierre (ex-Frantic Flinstones) write the songs and front the band, pushing their unique sound forwards and fuelling their dynamic live show. The perfect union of Pierres' inimitable Banjo style and Jamies' distinctive vocals puts them streets ahead of the madding crowd, seperating them from any one musical scene.

Jamie Clarke's Perfect have always been, and always will be, one of a kind.

The bands next album "Monkey see, Monkey do" will be released at the end of January 2022 on Dackelton Records.

Monkey See,Monkey Do

Monkey see, monkey do
Lovers come & lovers go
Junkie me, Junkie you
The very reasons why they go

Monkey see, monkey do
Seasons come & seasons go
Stupid me or stupid you
There are always reasons why people go

Time Is Ticking

time is ticking always, time is never winding back 
the hands on the clock before us 
the clock that tries to rule our lives          
strong currents are upon us 
the rocks will surely dash our sides                    
dark mountains stand before us 
and desert winds begin to howl...

Lady Luck 

where is lady luck today 
like the sun, she's gone away, gone away
dark clouds, bring me wind and rain 
but what's worse, the things people say 
wash your hopes away, and wash away your dreams

Raise Your Voice

You have been working for every single day of your life, 
oh what a life
This world has been burning, since they crucified our lord
Jesus Christ, poor Jesus Christ
The world will keep hurting, 'till every one of us finds their voice, stands up and fights

This world isn't working girl
Gotta set this world to rights
Don't raise your glass , Raise your voice up
Heads should be rolling, gotta stand up for your rights boy, and fight

Don't raise your glass , Raise your voice...